"How it all started!"

I was born and raised in Lucknow, India. I love to travel. During trips to Nepal, I would meet interestinig people and always return home with a leson or two. Coming from a very humble family, at an early age I learned to work hard and was told if I did just that all my dreams would come true.

I did my graduate work in language, specifically Arabic and Islamic studies. I moved to Dubai in 2006 to seek new opportunities. I worked as a sales executive in administration, I put my language skills in Arabic to use, by working as a tutor!

"My dreams were about to be realized, but it came with a price."

All this time, I had been suffering from allergies...

experiencing pain and sleepless nights, waiting for my time, for my big dreams to come true.

A very close friend saw the pain I was experienceing and made some recommendations that I followed very closely. I wasn’t sure at first but gave it a go, and to my surprise, I felt the effects within the first week. I was more active, felt much better, had lower fits and through continuances use, my normal health had resored itself and I was back in balance.

With the health came a hidden benefit: wealth! That is why I made it my task to share these amazing products so others can benefit in terms of health and wealth as well!

It was in 2011 when things really began to change. I got married to my beautiful wife and started my new business venture!